American Pride

Model T Crossing America

For Disabled American Veterans


Follow them across the country!

Jesse and Jim will be crossing America in this 1916 Model T
to raise money for disabled American veterians.

Read about it here and help them accomplish this trip!

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Jesse Cole of Petersham, Massachusetts is planning a cross country trip in his 1916 Model T Ford to the west coast and back to benefit the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Weather permitting, he is planning to leave Sunday, May 2, 2010 from Lang’s Auto in Winchendon, Massachusetts to Los Angles California - and will return back to Lang’s Auto. Jesse expects his trip to take about eight weeks before reaching Los Angles, expecting to arrive in July 2010. His return to Massachusetts is expected to be another eight weeks – making a total trip of 16 weeks.

Donald Lang of Lang’s Old Car Parts is helping supply parts in rebuilding Jesse’s Model T Ford, and George King of North Franklin, Connecticut is rebuilding the engine. George has lectured at The Ford Motor Company, and is one of the most knowledgeable people on the Model T.

Jesse’s long time friend, James Whitcomb, is a Vietnam disabled American veteran, who was in the US Marine Corp serving three terms in Vietnam and returned home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Together, they talked about doing something to benefit the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization and came up with the idea of a trip to cross America in Jesse’s Model T. James will follow Jesse in a support vehicle and trailer in the journey crossing America!

About Jesse: “I love to sing and play guitar and plan to stop periodically to entertain people along the way. Every fourth day or 500 miles, I will change the oil in my Model T. I have been told that after all the rebuilding to this engine I will be able to go 45 mph, but will keep it at 35 to help prevent any breakdown. I drove a truck all my life, and am now retired. I anticipate this trip taking 16 weeks, taking into consideration early morning cold, as well as severe winds in flat country. When we get to LA, I would love to meet Jay Leno, who is a great enthusiast and owner of Model T’s. I have owned Ford vehicles all my life as my first was a 1940 Ford Coupe with an 80 horse flathead. I belong to three Model T clubs; Central Mass Model T Club, Model T Club of America and the Model T Club International.”

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Jesse could use help with food, fuel, oil, and motel costs.
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We would like to thank the following people for their help and support!
Donald Lang
Lang's Old Car Parts
Winchendon, MA
donation and supplier of parts for Model T
Steve & Dede Johnson
Johnson's Farm
Orange, MA
George King North
Franklin, CT
Rebuilding engine
Steven Raymond
Chamber of Commerce
Athol, MA
Advertising and outreach
Alan Bowers
Disabled American Veteran
Ronald Patterson
Donated 6 new coils
Ray & Barbara Blydenburgh
Valley Forge Concepts Company
Web design and Production Company
Laura Rusche
DAV, Cold Spring, KY