Can your horse escape a barn fire or other dangerous situation?
Safety Release Door Latch
Safety Release Trailer Tie
Safety Release Cross Ties

Horse Houdini Safety Door Lock

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World's most famous and trusted horsemen who uses our Safety Devices:

Monty Roberts "Finally, a product you can trust to do what it says - protect loved ones."

Model T 

Have you heard of the Safety Release Devices by JEMAL? This new product can help your horse escape from a fire as above. The JEMAL Safety Release Devices were developed and constructed to take advantage of a horse's natural instinct and power when confronted by danger. By triggering the release of the stall latch when enough pressure is exerted against it, a horse that takes advantage of the product can escape its stall under its own power and without human assistance. An open stall in a fire may create a path to safety. The cost of our device is minimal when compared to the cost of the loss of your companion. Our reusable safety release can be used again and again.

Part of the Be Safe NOT Sorry campaign of Cut-Heal Animal Care Products, Inc.  The new Horse Houdini Safety Lock.  Designed to prevent the smart horse from reaching over and opening their stall door.

Safety Release Cross Ties, Safety Release Trailer Ties and Safety Release Door Latch, and Safety Release Houdini Lock.

Bring in your old trailer tie or set of cross ties and and upgrade to Safety Release Ties. 
$4.00 for old trailer tie and $8.00 per set of Cross ties, when upgrading to your new Safety Release Trailer Tie or Safety Release Cross Tie set.  
Bring them to the shows we are at for your 


As animals are unpredictable and each reacts differently in unique situations, JEMAL can not and does not make any representation or warranty regarding these devices effectiveness or ability to save lives.
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